Allergies attacked with a vicious force. My head felt like it was ready to explode. My sinuses were clogged like rush hour traffic in L.A.

Besides the misery it was going to be impossible to deliver my presentation in 12 hours. A Google search for “How do I clear my sinuses” yielded next to nothing.

I turned to Facebook and asked a simple question:

How do I clear my Sinuses?

Within 30 minute 15 friends shared their knowledge.

One idea leaped off the page. I had never heard of it.

Now I call it the 9’th wonder of the world. It is a  powerful secret to clearing sinuses, curing colds, conquering allergies, and helping me speak clearly.

The secret is  the Neti Pot.
Clear your Sinus Infection
Don’t let its simplicity fool you. Even WebMd has an article on using the Neti pot to clear your sinuses.

Here is the four step process that brought me immediate relief and freed my speaking voice.

Step #1: Buy a Neti pot

Every pharmacy and grocery store should have one. You can also go to Amazon and shell out $9 for a sinus clearing Neti Pot. (aff)

Step #2: Mix in some saline solution with warm water

Mine came with about 20 packs of saline. Toss one in the pot with some warm water.

Step #3: Tilt your head and pour in a pot in each nostril and let it flow out the other side

Hard to explain, but pretty easy to do.  Here are pictures on how to use the Neti pot to clear your sinuses.

Yes, it feels weird and you look a little goofy.  However, it works.

Step #4:Enjoy the Clear Sinuses

This works incredibly well. Within minutes my head was clear and I could speak clearly. My presentation went off without a hitch.

Now I use this at the onset of a cold or allergies. If I am feeling a little clogged up before I speak, I’ll run two pots through. Works better than any medicine I’ve used. Much faster too.

This one idea has allowed me to keep my sinuses clear and speak at events that I used to have to cancel or irritate the audience with a clogged up voice. Be brave. Try it.

What other ideas do you have for clearing sinuses?

Arlen Busenitz

Arlen Busenitz is an experienced speaker with over 650 presentations. He is Author of several books, CD's,and creator of Become a Better Speaker in One Evening™

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