Most speeches could be made 200% better if the speaker did more KISSing.

My boss in college said, “KISS means Keep It Simply Simple.”

Below is one of the most basic speech writing formulas. However, many do not use it and may take the audience on a meaningless safari and leave the audience saying, “Huh? What was the point?” Those who do use this are easy to follow and audience’s appreciate the clarity.

1. Grab attention with the intro and preview your speech.

Read these articles for more info:

2. Have 2-4 main points and label them.

If I am talking about overcoming fear of public speaking, I have 4 keys. In the presentation I’ll say, “Key #1: Act Confident.” Audiences can easily follow you when you have main points and label them. See this article for more info.

3. Review the points and conclude with a story or call to action.

I call this a home-run ending. You circle your points and head for home plate with a story or call to action.

Simple speech formula and follows the rules of KISS. Results can be outstanding.

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Arlen Busenitz

Arlen Busenitz is an experienced speaker with over 650 presentations. He is Author of several books, CD's,and creator of Become a Better Speaker in One Evening™

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