Improve Public Speaking Skills Fast - Evaluating Do you want to improve your public speaking skills fast with minimal effort? You can with this powerful public speaking tip.

Unfortunately, very few individuals use it, but those who do, improve very rapidly and become star presenters.

Here is the key:

Evaluate yourself after every talk.

Studies and experience have shown that if you just observe and evaluate an area of your life, you will automatically improve.

Just a week ago, I gave a 30 minute public speaking presentation. After the presentation, I applied these three steps:

Step #1: I asked three questions

What went well about the presentation?
What could I have done better?
How will I do better next time?

Notice how all three are stated in the positive. We get what we focus on. If we always dwell on the negative, it’s like running a race looking backwards. We want to acknowledge the weak points, but focus on the strengths and how to improve for our next speech.

Here were my answers (To start with I encourage you to just focus on a few suggestions in each category):

  • I was prepared and had my speech written out.
  • The introduction grabbed the audience’s attention.
  • I had great vocal variety


  • Pause more
  • Have a stronger conclusion
  • Improve my links between points



  • I will pause more through the presentation
  • I will practice my conclusion several times and make it strong.
  • In my notes I will write out a good link word for word

Step #2: Record your presentation and listen to it.

This step works well with the first one. Just listening to or watching yourself on tape is powerful for personal growth. Darren Lacroix, 2001 world champion of public speaking said, “Listening to yourself is one of the most powerful methods for improvement.”

Is it painful? Yes! They had to listen to it, so should we.

Often we may think we did better than we actually did. Seeing or hearing ourselves corrects our thinking. Sometimes we may think we did worse than we actually did. Recording is very helpful.

There have been times I thought I failed miserably on stage. However, after watching I saw it went pretty well. However, the opposite has also been true!

I recommend listening to your talk twice. Does it take time? Yes! Is it worth it? Definitely!

Step #3: Ask for honest feedback

Do you watch American Idol? Have you noticed how some singers truly think they are great and have been told they are great all their life by friends and family? However, on the show they meet the sharp edge of reality hears the truth from the judges.

If only someone had been honest or they had sought honest feedback, they could have been prevented public embarrassment.

We need honest feedback. Ask your spouse or a respected individual in the audience for their thoughts. You want someone who can be blunt, but encouraging. I’ll often use two questions:

1.    What are a few things I did well?
2.    What can I improve on for next time?

This way they can be both positive and helpful. Sincerely thank them. What they tell you may prevent future public speaking embarrassment.

You can rapidly improve your public speaking skills. Evaluate yourself after every performance and you will steadily improve.

Arlen Busenitz

Arlen Busenitz is an experienced speaker with over 650 presentations. He is Author of several books, CD's,and creator of Become a Better Speaker in One Evening™

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